The Order: 1886
Is this the creepiest game trailer, ever?

The definition of creepy ranges from person to person. While a normal human being will consider anything out of the ordinary as strange, for the ones in the gaming fraternity, the word isn't even in the dictionary. However, here's something that will stick to your mind for some time.

While the upcoming The Order: 1886, a PS4 exclusive, has been massively touted as one of the many games to look out for in 2015, we have been harbouring this feeling that enough justice hasn't been made to the marketing of the game. But, as it seems, this new Bobby Paige trailer (see below) is as tragic and gothic as they usually come, not to mention the level of creepiness involved.

The latest video for the game shows off a nine-year-old boy called Bobby Paige, with a sinister child voice in the backdrop telling his unfortunate story. "Staying out too late by night, he came home with a bloody bite," sings ominously the haunting child voice in the backdrop of the gothic-styled black and white animation. "Bobby would no longer heal, and tore his parents limb from limb," it ends. Bobby was bitten by a werewolf.. or something worse. Watch the video, but you have been warned.


While we are now successfully disturbed by the newest video for the game, it still needs to be mentioned that this is the kind of marketing we had expected for The Order: 1886 back when it was first unveiled to the world. But the devs would rather spend time on showing off the gun battles in the game, to start with. Nonetheless, the game is still facing a bit of stick since it's more based on cinematics than the gameplay side of it.

That being said, nothing can take away the fact that this new Bobby Paige video will serve as a good enough catalyst to leverage the game further up. And although we wait and see if the game will live up to all the hype, the sad fate of Bobby Paige will teach us not to stay out at night for too long.

The Order: 1886, which harbours the idea that Industrial Revolution happened since London was overrun by supernatural monsters, is set for a February launch, exclusively for PS4.