Orange is the New Black
Daya could be in trouble in Facebook / Orange is the New Black

There's time yet for "Orange is the New Black" Season 5 premiere but if there's one question looming on every fan's mind, it is this: Will Daya be in trouble? This seems likely. So far, very little is known about the plot and the storyline for the prison drama's new season. But several reports suggest that Season 5 of the Netflix show will depict a grim picture for Daya (Dascha Polanco) and most of the inmates.

According to a report on Ecumenical News, Daya aka Dayanara Diaz could get an extended sentence. Fans of the show will remember that Season 4 of "Orange is the New Black" ended with Daya pointing a gun at the highly aggressive CO, Humphrey (Michael Torpey). To be sure, Daya has never been violent and although it's not yet clear how this incident will unfold, one can safely predict that the inmate could face harsh treatment. She just might be sent to SHU.

Season 5 of the TV show could focus on Daya's time in solitary confinement but it has been theorised that she might find help. Several reports suggest that her baby daddy Bennett (Matt McGorry) could return for Season 5 and will help her during her time in Litchfield. 

Although the actor hasn't yet confirmed if he will be part of the upcoming instalment, this theory has gained significance after he uploaded a picture of himself with co-star Laverne Cox in Los Angeles. 

However, Bennett's return doesn't necessarily mean the two might rekindle their romance in Season 5. In an interview with Bustle, McGorry stated that Bennett's disappearance in Season 3 and the end of his character's relationship with Daya was appropriate. McGorry said relationships between inmates and correctional officers often tend to be problematic

He added, "Considering what their story actually looked like, it was probably the only way it could have ended." However, McGorry added that he doesn't know if his character will return for another season. 

"Organge is the New Black" Season 5 will premiere mid 2017.