All through season 3 of "Orange is the New Black" Taylor Schilling's character Piper has been transitioning in to a villain. The season finale saw her taking a drastic step by framing Stella by hiding contraband around her bed.

From the looks of it, only Alex will be able to bring Piper back to her true self, and fans will be rooting for Alex in the next season of the prison drama, believes Laura Prepon.

"She sees through all of Piper's BS," said Prepon of her character, according to Speakeasy. "And that's why they're such a cool relationship. And I think that Alex knows that she's putting it on – it's not really her….It's one of the reasons why Alex dumped [Piper] in Season 3. She's just like, 'Listen, this is kind of gross, and where's the real Piper?'"

While Schilling is also excited to play a Piper with negative shades, the actress admitted it is possible her character will turn over a new leaf soon. One reason for this, according to Schilling, is because the prison is getting a fresh influx of prisoners, and Piper might find it difficult to maintain her badass facade.

"I think she's really going to keep scrambling to keep her sense of self intact. When it feels like it's bottoming out, that's when you try harder to control things," Schilling said.

The actress also hinted that Alex and Piper could get back together, considering they have such a strong connection.

Things ended on a bad note for Alex in season 3, as she was cornered in a deserted greenhouse by one of Kubra's men. But pictures from Prepon's Instagram account show that Alex will be in the thick of things at Litchfield in season 4.

One photo shows Prepon with Alex's inmate identification card, and the picture is captioned: "Excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys!#season4."Another picture showed her in hair and makeup wearing Litchfield beige uniform.

Season 4 of Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" will be out in 2016.