Netflix is yet to announce when season 4 of its widely popular prison drama "Orange is the New Black" will air. But based on the release date of the previous three seasons, fans are betting the drama will make a return by June or early July 2016.

While nothing much is known about the plot of the upcoming season, a section of fans are eager to see what's next for Red, the character portrayed by Kate Mulgrew, and prison counsellor Healy, played by Michael Harney.

In a recent interview with the US edition of International Business Times, Harney said he was also eager to see what the future has in store for Red and Healy.

"I really enjoy the scenes I had with Red (Kate Mulgrew) in Season 3. So I'm hoping we have a chance to work together again. Artistically that's very fulfilling for both of us, I believe, so there's that. But I approach it like it's a blank canvas," Harney said.

As viewers of the Emmy Award-winning series already know, season 3 saw Red becoming over-friendly with Healy because she wanted to reclaim the kitchen. And by the end of the season, they both admitted they have a special relationship. But Red says their ships "passed too late in the night for it to be more."

As for what to expect in the upcoming season, Harney promises fans that it's going to be another wild ride, as more layers of his character will be peeled back.

"Obviously I can't give you any spoilers, but I think that the writing is going to be on the same par -- if not better," Harney told the publication. "And the good thing about Jenji is she never does the same thing. She's constantly creating, the writing team is constantly creating -- bringing new stuff to the table. So I don't know where we're going to go. It's just going to be another ride."