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The third season of "Orange is the New Black" is now available on Netflix, and the first episode showed viewers how difficult it was to manage family life when one is locked away in prison.

Season 2 ended with Piper ratting out her ex Alex to her parole officer, and Vee successfully escapes prison. But then she gets run over and killed by another fugitive. And in the premiere episode we see Alex is back in prison and Litchfield is all set to celebrate Mother's Day.

The episode is a sad reminder of how inmates are missing out on being a part of their children's everyday lives, and they try to make it up during these brief visits.

One scene has Sophia, the transgender character played by Laverne Cox, discussing about her Mother's Day plans with another inmate.

"How does that work with you being a lady man and all?" the inmate asks, according to NPR. "Do you and his mother both celebrate the day?" Sophia replies, "Do you really want to be calling me a lady man, when I got a fist full of your hair in my hand?"

Later, when her son visits, their meeting is awkward as he is still struggling to process Sophia's transition. Things get even more weird when Sophia offers relationship advice.

"You want some real advice?" she asks Michael.

"From my second mom or my used to be dad?" her son questions, to which she replies: "My dad told me, find a real insecure girl and practice on her. That way, you meet a girl you really like, you'll be good at it."

"You really want to be a lady in a world where men do that?" Michael questions and Sophia retorts, "God help me, I do."