Dr. Namrata Jadwani
Dr. Namrata Jadwani

The internet has all sorts of tips for oral hygiene, and it's easy to get swayed by them. However, sometimes, these tips aren't coming from a professional, and they can do more harm than good. That's why Dr. Namrata Jadwani wants to clear up the many misconceptions surrounding oral care.

Dr. Jadwani operates The Smylist dental clinic in Mumbai. She is passionate about improving people's smiles and upping their confidence. She wants people not to fear dentist visits so they can receive expert care and dental advice that they can follow at home.

"The idea behind the smile studio was to change the way people perceive dentists and dentistry," Namrata wrote. "To combine skill with the best technology, innovation with the traditional procedures, and an optimal level of patient care to eliminate dental phobia."

Dr. Namrata is an expert dentist. She completed a three-year full-time Masters program in Prosthodontics at D.Y. Patil University, then gained clinical expertise at the Government Dental College, Dubai. She is an expert in aesthetic dentistry and has pioneered the field of smile analysis in India.

Dr. Jadwani is an active Instagrammer, and on her account, one thing she advises patients against is at-home DIY teeth whitening. She includes this in a fun way, putting it in a meme. It reads: "Tip for teeth whitening: Take one spoon of cinnamon, add two drops of lemon juice, and one spoon of baking soda. Then throw it all in the dustbin, and visit your dentist." Dr. Namrata performs several teeth whitening procedures—you can see before and after pictures on her Instagram—and she will do a better job than any DIY remedy.

She also addresses other trends like activated charcoal and oil pulling and tells us if they're the real deal. She's against the use of activated charcoal and all the related OTC products you see because it causes some serious abrasion of your tooth and eventually causes it to be sensitive.

While oil pulling has had mixed results, she feels you can try it as an adjunct to your oral care but it can in no way replace it.

In one engaging Instagram video, Dr. Jadwani describes her own oral health routine. These kind of videos are beneficial for people who are not sure of the right way to care for teeth. For instance, the internet says that using mouthwash is detrimental. To debunk this myth, she demonstrates using mouthwash after she brushes, and even for breath touchups. In addition to these tips, she regularly posts photos, memes, and videos that can simultaneously entertain you and teach you about oral health.

Be sure to consult your dental practitioner before trying out anything new to see if it's suited to you. They can lead you down the right path and make sure you're not doing something that could harm your smile.

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