Opera Max records 3,300 percent users growth in one year; surpasses 10 million mark
Opera Max records 3,300 percent users growth in one year; surpasses 10 million markOpera Press Kit

Opera Max has achieved a major milestone with a staggering 3,300 percent growth in the number of users it had just a year ago. From 300,000 users as of April 2015, Opera announced on Tuesday that its Max browser now has over 10 million users around the world.

According to the company's statistics, Opera Max covers 98 percent of Android users on smartphones and tablets. India is the biggest market for Opera Max as most of its users are from this country. But it also has a widespread reach in other countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

"Our goals in the future are more ambitious - we want to reach as many of you as possible," Sergey Lossev, head of product at Opera Max, said in a statement. "To allow us to help billions of users all over the world keep their mobile data plan costs under control, we are continuing to work very hard on improving Opera Max' technology underneath-the-hood, while simplifying the user interface, so more people will find value and ease when using the app."

The company is also talking about integrating advertisements as a source of revenue in order to keep Opera Max cloud service sustainable. But Opera promises to add non-intrusive ads, may be one ad per day, or introduce ad-free subscription at $1 per month.

Opera Max offers useful features that help users in emerging markets like India and Indonesia to save data while browsing and streaming music or videos. The data-management feature in the Android app can save up to 50 percent of the mobile data for free, which is kind of a boon to users where data usage is still a luxury.

But Opera Max isn't limited to browser-based activities as it can also limit internet consumption on social media and video streaming apps such as Instagram, Netflix and YouTube.