Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Reuters

Ever since Bilawal Bhutto, the young scion of Pakistan's illustrious Bhutto family made an 'immature' comment about taking "every inch of Kashmir", he has been a subject of much amusement on the Internet, and a recent blog about his statement has gone viral.

The blog by Amreekandesi titled "Open Letter to Bilawal Bhutto" that was published on 21 September is cracking up netizens for its sarcastic piece of advise to the young Bhutto, who is a leader of the Pakistan People's Party.

Here's how it begins –

Dear Bilawal ji, Pehle to wish you a very happy birthday. 26! Such a special age. Reminds me too of the time when i was young and stupid, though maybe not this much. As a special gift for your happy day, you are trending on social media and every Indian is talking about you. How's that for neighborly love? Say thanks. Where are your manners, yaar?"

Setting the tone for a humorous response to Bilawal's statement, the blog further mocks Bilawal's "determination at such a young age" in contrast to others his age focusing on getting jobs.

Boss, such determination at this young age is something to be proud of. You should pat your back for having such clarity of thought when most Indians your age these days focus on cramming concepts of java and sql to get a job offer with a grand 50% hike at that Gurgaon MNC. Tells you something about misplaced priorities," it reads.

Bilawal is then hilariously compared to a WWE announcer for his high-octane speech about Kashmir, and then goes on to compare his desire for Kashmir to the writer's desire for the recently released and highly-priced iPhone 6.

I love the raw josh and enthusiasm with which you spoke the words. 'lawange lawange...kashmir...poora ka poora kashmir....pakistan da kashmir....lawange.' The way you raised your hands, pumped up the vocal cords, and spoke, like a WWE announcer, except that your voice hasn't even broken yet, which made it sound more adorable than terrifying. Add to that your smashing looks, and boss, if i had been there, i would have kissed your cheek and pinched those shiny cheeks of yours out of purely platonic love."

            Boss, Kashmir to nahi mil payega. I mean you are cute and all that, you may have had an                     affair with the pretty lady minister whose handbag is worth more than the rest of Pakistan,               but who said life is fair? You want Kashmir. Yo Yo Honey Singh wants a Grammy. I want an             iPhone 6. Tough luck," the writer blogs.

And finally, the blog compares the young Bilawal to Indian National Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who has often come under the line of criticism and jokes for his misplaced statements. The 44-year-old Gandhi, mocked by his detractors as 'Pappu', has also been a butt of many, many jokes on the Internet. 

Written as a sarcastic 'open letter' that is quite popular on social media these days, the blog has predictably gone viral, with more than 45,000 'shares' on Facebook and about 700 tweets so far.

Read the full blog here.