The news of OnePlus 2 is still fresh in the minds of consumers and the company's co-founder, Carl Pei, has handed another significant announcement in an interview with USA Today

Carl Pei revealed some interesting facts about the company's history and plans. The company is readying its third smartphone, which is set to be launched during Christmas.

Pei did not reveal much about the new smartphone but shared his early experience. "When I saw the prototype for that phone I was like 'holy s--- that's going to be my daily driver' but then when the OnePlus 2 production version came out it's also super nice, so its really hard to decide now what to use," he said. 

It is not clear whether the third smartphone in OnePlus' portfolio will be better than the OnePlus 2 or serve as a lower-end variant of the current flagship. Considering the launch is likely to happen this year, there isn't a long delay to find out what the company has up its sleeve.

During the interview, Pei explained how the company was formed in 2013 with an inspiration taken from Apple. Focusing on what consumers look for in a phone, OnePlus decided to build on that value. Pei, along with some of his friends and early OnePlus members, realized "no one else cared about the product as much as Apple" and worked to deliver a similar experience on Android platform.

"We just wanted to make the best Android phone, and put as much care into the product as Apple puts into their products," Pei added.

Pei shared his vision for the company as he sees OnePlus to stand alongside Apple and Samsung five years down the line. In addition, Pei said OnePlus has no plans to venture into other product categories such as TV. In fact, it will remain focused on smartphones.