OnePlus Holds CM12S Rollout To Add New 'OK OnePlus' Feature; Will It Replace 'OK Google'?
OnePlus To Bring 'OK Google' Rival 'OK OnePlus' As A Part Of CM12S UpdateCyanogen Blog

If you have been waiting to get your hands on the latest CM12S update for your OnePlus One smartphone, there might be another delay. But the reason for the delay is quite interesting; the company's co-founder revealed that the OTA update will be resumed with the addition of a new feature, "OK OnePlus". Most of you might have already guessed the new feature, which sounds like OnePlus' take on Google's popular digital assistant.

If we are thinking right, "OK OnePlus" will offer similar hands-free voice-control to One smartphone users to perform various actions such as make a call, set an alarm, or start a navigation. As Carl Pei revealed in his brief tweet, the new feature will be part of CM 12S update that will be rolled out mid-week.

Pei's announcement on Twitter has since been removed, but GSMArena quoted the tweet as "OTA rollout was paused due to new "OK OnePlus" feature being added. Should resume mid week." It is not clear why the tweet was taken down but users will be disappointed if the delay persists longer as OnePlus has already missed its deadlines in the past.

Those who haven't updated their One smartphones with CM12S will get "OK OnePlus" feature together with the OTA update. But those who managed to get their hands on the latest software by downloading it manually will also receive the new feature as a future OTA update, Android Authority reports.

Detailed information on "OK OnePlus" remains unknown, but we are waiting to get our hands-on to comment on the changes.