Though OnePlus 5T rumours have been flooding the media of late, OnePlus had never officially responded to the reports. Now, the company's co-founder has teased an intriguing image sparking off excitement among the fans.

Social media savvy Carl Pei took to Twitter to post an image of a model with background blurred, obviously taken using portrait mode. He asked fans to guess which phone he took it from, almost confirming that it might be the long-rumoured OnePlus 5T.

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In the image, we can see a lady wearing red top with black jacket hanging on from her shoulder and raven-hued cap on head. The phone's camera has accurately captured the face and body with clarity while the tree and the plants of the garden in the background are blurred to form a perfect portrait mode shot. Why I am stressing so much on the detail of the photo is because, I have used a handful of dual-camera phones with portrait mode and some have less-optimised camera software that tend to cause appearance of random blurred spots in the background, thus losing uniformity in terms of accurate focus of the subject and complete blurring of the back ground.

It looks like OnePlus 5T, other than the bezel-less FullView display, will also definitely come with top-notch camera. If latest reports have to be believed, the new phone is expected to come packed with two 20MP camera but, lens type and aperture size are yet to be confirmed). Nevertheless, it's an incremental upgrade compared to dual 16MP sensors seen in the original OnePlus 5.

OnePlus co-founder teases portrait mode photo; is this shot from OnePlus 5T? Carl Pei (@getpeid) via Twitter

OnePlus 5T might also come with long exposure camera feature, but that's just speculation based on the leaked sample shots. However, if the phone does come with the aforementioned photography mode, OnePlus 5T will definitely set a new benchmark in the flagship phone category.

OnePlus 5T: Other expected features

OnePlus 5T is said to boast Optic AMOLED display with Full HD (1080x2160 pixels) screen, protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and 18:9 aspect ratio, which is now the flagship smartphone standard.

As far as the battery capacity is concerned, it is said to house 3,450mAh, which is 150mAh (4.5%) more than the OnePlus 5's (3,300mAh) capacity.

OnePlus 5T
The leaked image of OnePlus 5T showing extremely thin bezels.Weibo

Other features such as the front-camera (16MP), dash charge technology, Type C USB port, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core, 6GB/8GB RAM and 64GB/128GB storage options are expected to be same as the OnePlus 5.

As far as the pricing is concerned, OnePlus 5T will come in two variants 6GB RAM+64GB storage and 8GB RAM+128GB storage for $549 (approx. €464/Rs.35,564) and $649(roughly €549/Rs.42,043), respectively.

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