Rumoured OnePlus 3T smartphone: New official development hints at new launch date
OnePlus' latest teaser about the potential OnePlus 3T smartphoneOnePlus

Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus is slated to unveil a new handset with a suffix 3T, which is believed to be the upgraded version of the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3 is unarguably the best in the niche top-end category thanks to its aggressive price-tag. Now, its successor is said to come with superior CPU, camera and many more features and yet cost low compared to rivals.

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To provide better perspective, we have leafed through multiple reports and lined up all the key features, which are likely to make the cut in the OnePlus 3T.

Display and Design:

According to reports, OnePlus 3T will have no discernible change in terms of visual appearance compared to the original model.

It is said to flaunt all-metal shell with black-hued two plastic bands (for radio) — one each on the top and the bottom and on the front, it is expected sport a 5.5-inch full HD (1920x1080p) AMOLED display.

It is expected to measure 152.6 mm in length, 74.6 mm in width, and 7.3 mm in thickness, and weigh around 160g.

Processor, RAM and Storage:

In this aspect, the cat is already out of the bag. Both chip-maker Qualcomm and OnePlus have confirmed that the new phone will indeed come with latest 2.35GHz Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor, which is said to be 10 percent more efficient than the 820 series.

One improvement expected to be seen on the OnePlus 3T is that it will house 8GB RAM, 25 percent more than original model's memory capacity.

As far storage is concerned, it will have 128GB, but we are not sure, if the company will be incorporating microSD card for expansion.

OnePlus 3T to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core processorQualcomm (@Qualcomm) via Twitter


Besides the processor, OnePlus 3T will have upgraded camera. It is said to house new generation Sony IMX398 sensor with  f/1.7 aperture, 1.12 µm lens, OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), EIS and 4K video recording ability, remains same.

Even the recently released OnePlus teaser too suggests the new model will have improved camera sensor.

OnePlus 3T camera featureOnePlus (@oneplus) via Twitter

On the front, it is said to have 8MP camera with Sony IMX179 sensor, 1.4 µm (micron pixels) lens and f/2.0 aperture, same as OnePlus 3.


OnePlus 3T is expected to have around 3,300mAh battery and boast critically acclaimed Dash Charge technology, which can charge the phone from zero to 60 percent within 30 minutes. It is also enough to play more than seven hours of full HD video.

It has to be noted that OnePlus 3T will have new Snapdragon 821 processor backed by high-capacity 8GB RAM. With such good hardware in place, there will optimum utilization of resources among all components and applications, this guaranteeing longer battery life.

Mobile Operating System:

OnePlus is already working to bring Android Nougat-based OxygenOS to OnePlus 3 by this month end. So, it's safe to assume that the new model will come with Nougat software out-of-the-box.


With the inclusion of more powerful processor, increase in RAM and battery capacity, OnePlus 3T is expected to cost $479, which is $80 more than the OnePlus 3.

Release details:

Going by the previous device release patterns, OnePlus is expected to roll-out on the launch date September 15 itself or within a week after the unveiling, so that they have enough stock to purge the demand.

Watch this space for more updates.