OnePlus 2 launch has clearly changed the way how people define flagships as it offers top-of-the-line specs at an incredibly cheap price. The demand for such a smartphone is evident. Putting it in numbers, OnePlus received 500,000 invitation requests for the "2016 flagship killer" within 24 hours. The numbers are multiplying rapidly and currently stand upwards 900,000. Given the ongoing trend, it won't be too long before the signups for OnePlus 2 invites cross the 1 million mark.

The whopping figure shows how OnePlus has won the trust of thousands of people around the world. Signing up for a OnePlus 2 invitation does not guarantee the purchase of the device but the company will send out invites for select prospects to buy the flagship in separate batches. The demand for OnePlus 2 is clearly going through the roof and it remains to be seen how well the Chinese tech giant tackles the situation.

While promoting the OnePlus 2 flagship prior to the launch, OnePlus revealed that it has a new invitation system in place to fulfil requests of interested buyers earlier than before. In an official blog post, the company confirmed that the OnePlus 2 launch inventory will be up by 30-50 percent and promised to send out more invites.

OnePlus' newly-introduced Reservation List gives an opportunity for everyone who wishes to buy OnePlus 2 without being active on company's forums and social media accounts. Interested buyers simply have to put down their email address on the list and wait for an invite. But the queue is getting longer as the company is handling almost 1 million requests.

The reservation list works entirely on first-come, first-serve basis. If you received an invite, purchase the OnePlus 2 smartphone within 24 hours or the invite is passed on to the next prospective buyer in the reservation list.

Of course, the "fervent supports" will get priority passes for helping the company spread the word. Finally, owners of OnePlus 2 will get shareable invites so others can skip the queue to purchase the new OnePlus smartphone.