Though Season 1 of the anime adaptation of "One-Punch Man" ended last month, fans are eagerly waiting for more episodes. However, they might not get to watch another season any time soon.

The producer of the anime, Murata Yusuke, has said the next season will take at least a year to be finished, as reported by The Bit Bag. In the meantime, fans can watch original video animations (OVAs) of "One-Punch Man".

Design & Trend has said the pilot OVA of the series is available online, titled "Road to Hero". The story follows the adventures of Saitama after his one-punch battle with Mosquito Girl. His would-be disciple Genos also meets him in this episode.

Awed by Saitama's skills of effortlessly taking care of villains, Genos decides to study his moves and find how and why Saitama got such an overwhelming strength.

"Road to Hero" is first part of the planned two-part OVAs for the anime adaptation. Though not much information has been revealed of the second part, The Bit Bag has reported series developer Madhouse intend to keep the next episode closer to its manga counterpart.

Madhouse has also hinted that a crossover between "One-Punch Man" and "Dragonball" might take place, showing Saitama fighting with Vegeta, Majin Buu and Mr Satan.

Another website, Crossmap, has said there might be an inevitable clash between Saitama and Amai Mask, an anti-hero who debuted in the finale episode of the first season.

The popularity of Season 1 has made sure there will be at least another season, as confirmed by Yusuke. 

Otaku Art has reported if Yusuke had his way, he would double the efforts to make sure the series gets a second season as soon as possible.

If it all turns out as planned, the next season will be aired in December this year or January 2017.