Saitama in One Punch Man
Saitama in One Punch ManOne Punch Man Wiki

It seems that despite all the rumours and reports regarding cancellation of popular anime series One Punch Man, the anime will return to television very soon, as has been confirmed by the creators.

Much to the excitement of the fans, the confirmation of One Punch Man season 2 was announced through the anime's official Twitter account. The post stated the return of the bald-headed hero along with an image that consists of Saitama's fist and the anime's title font, with a number 2 in bold at the top of it. However, though the poster confirms Season 2, it doesn't mention the exact air date.

Besides it, the creators of One Punch Man anime have also announced that a new mobile video game will be released soon that will be based on the story-line of the first season of the anime. The game was announced at recently held One Punch Man Fall Festival at ÅŒmiya-ku in Japan. Not many details have been revealed of the game, but fans can expect the updates soon.

Recent reports have stated that in the upcoming season, fans will finally be able to discover Saitama's origins and the secret behind his extraordinary powers. The upcoming episodes will also reveal that how Saitama lost his hair due to intense training.

Lord Boros is all set to return in the next season of One Punch Man. He will be reportedly more powerful than ever before. Apart from Boros, Saitama's other enemies like Amai Mask and Garou have also been confirmed to return. Besides it, there is a significant possibility that Saitama's apprentice, Genos, will become his rival in the upcoming episodes.

One Punch Man Season 2 is expected to air sometime in early 2017.