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Saitama is all set to face his most intimidating enemy in the next season of "One Punch Man" when the anime series returns in October 2016. Manga creator Yusuke Murata has already begun the first phase of the production and it seems fans won't have to wait for much long.

As reported by Christian Today, Saitama will be confronted by Garou, who is the most challenging opponent he will ever face. The website has said Garou possesses superhuman physical abilities apart from his brilliant skill of making strategies for a war.

In the manga counterpart, Garou is represented as one of the most skilled warriors and has powers similar to Saitama. Hence, in order to take him down, Saitama must have to use all his power. Also, Garou is the only opponent who can evade and block Saitama's furious fists; something fans didn't see in Season 1 of the series.

Apart from Garou's debut, several rumours surfacing on the internet suggest Saitama might decide to go rogue under the influence of a mysterious evil force. According to the speculations, Saitama will be lured to the dark side and will use his extraordinary powers to gain more strength instead of saving and helping others.

In earlier reports, it was stated that Murata is all set to work on the second season of the popular anime series in collaboration with Madhouse Entertainment. To initiate the production, Murata's team has come up with 100 sketches, 100 inked pages, and 100 storyboards for Season 2.

Though the exact release date has not yet been revealed, fans of "One Punch Man" can expect the second season sometime in October this year.