It seems the next season of "One-Punch Man" won't see the light of the day before next year, as the anime's producer has hinted that it will take a lot of effort to come out with another season as soon as possible.

The anime adaptation of "One-Punch Man" has been as popular and well received as its manga counterpart. The protagonist of the series, Saitama, is already considered one of the best manga characters of all times, even though the series is not very old.

However, fans are definitely not very happy with rumours that the much-awaited Season 2 won't air before next year.

As reported by The Bit Bag, the usual duration to create a whole new season for a manga-to-anime adaptation is six to nine months.

As the current season of "One-Punch Man" ended only last month, the producer of the anime series, Murata Yusuke, will have to make a significant amount of effort for releasing the Season 2 as soon as possible.

The website said Yusuke has promised to release the next season as soon as the production work is done. He said in order to do so, the team will have to work on a hectic schedule of 10 hours every day, including editing and a 100 finished storyboards consisting of edits, drafts and inks.

Vine Report has said if Yusuke follows this schedule, the next season might premiere by the end of this year. However, there has been no official confirmation as such.

The Bit Bag has also sid the second season will be very close to the manga storyline, and hence, fans might have an idea of who the antagonist will be in the upcoming episodes.

Another website, Crossmap, has said there might be an inevitable clash between Saitama and Amai Mask, an anti-hero who debuted in the finale episode of Season 1.