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With the popularity of Season 1 of the anime adaptation of "One Punch Man", fans are eagerly waiting for any official confirmation of Season 2. Though there isn't much information from the showrunners or creator, several spoilers and plot rumours are already surfacing on the Internet.

One of such rumours suggests since the creator of the manga counterpart, Murata Yusuke, has confirmed that Season 2 will be closer to the manga, the new antagonist in the upcoming season will be none other than Garou.

As reported by Youth Health Mag, fans have claimed Yusuke will make the anime adaptation faithful to the manga. Hence, Garou will be pitted against the series' protagonist — Saitama.

In the manga, disillusioned by what he experienced in childhood, Garou decided to become a disciple of Bang (Silver Fang in the anime) and vowed to hunt down the heroes from across the world. During his journey, he came across Saitama and immediately marked him as his arch-enemy.

With time, Garou's fighting skills developed and he learnt to manage and assimilate the techniques of everyone he encountered and evolved into a strong opponent. Sensing his powers, the Hero Association labelled him the "Human Monster".

In other news, Crossmap has confirmed there won't be a time jump between the seasons, and Season 2 will pick up the story where the last episode of Season 1 left off. The premiere episode of the second season will continue after the fight between Saitama and Lord Boros in the last episode.

The website has also said the second season might be released this year as the production work is almost done.

In the Season 1 finale, titled "The Strongest Hero", Lord Boros invaded "A" City — right in the headquarters of the Hero Association. While some of the "S" and "A" class heroes fought the invaders, Saitama went straight to Lord Boros' battleship and challenged the Destroyer of the Universe to a fight.

Afterwards, a fierce battle occurred, wherein Lord Boros used all his strength against Saitama. However, he was defeated by Saitama in the end.