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The second season of popular anime series One Punch Man has been confirmed and much to the delight of the fans, the prominent characters like Saitama and Genos will be returning in next instalment.

Season 2 of One Punch Man was confirmed through the official Twitter handle of the show. For months, the production of the second instalment had been in hiatus and fans were worried that the next season might not happen at all.

However, the fans can take a sigh of relief as the production of One Punch Man season 2 has been initiated.

Besides spectacular combat scenes, the upcoming season of One Punch Man is also rumoured to be more intense and darker than the previous season and there is a significant possibility that new villains will be introduced apart from the older ones.

Recent speculations have suggested that apart from the protagonist of the series, Saitama, the iconic characters of Genos and Lord Boros are also confirmed to return. However, there is a significant possibility that the villains will be tougher and stronger than before and Saitama might find it a bit difficult than before to defeat them.

The new characters might include Amai Mask and a former student of Fang-An, Garou.

Though season 2 of One Punch Man has been confirmed, there is no information regarding the exact air date. In the meanwhile, several fans are also speculating that the second season will air by the end of this year only. The release date will be confirmed soon by the show-runners of One Punch Man.