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Saitama will be facing one of his strongest enemies yet and his true powers are surely going to be put on test in the upcoming season of popular anime series "One Punch Man."

Though the identity of the new antagonist hasn't been revealed officially, several rumours state that it is none other than Garou; Saitama's long time rival, who is much more powerful and stronger than previously. Garou is known as the only person who can survive Saitama's iconic punch.

Though the new Garou might prove to be a challenge for Saitama, the One Punch Man doesn't need to be worried. On the contrary, he is looking forward to have a fight with Garou as he has been longing for an equally matched rival for years.

Like Saitama's other enemies, Garou is also a devoted worshipper of evil and believes in world domination. However, whenever he came out with a plan, Saitama ruined it. Hence, he decided to train himself harder and confront Saitama in a one-on-one match.

Recent rumours have stated that due to some mysterious reasons, Saitama will lose all his power that will make him vulnerable to Garou and his attack. In the upcoming episode, viewers might see Saitama's first defeat in the entire series. Besides Garou, other villains like Boros and Amai Mask are also going to appear in the next season.

Though Season 2 might be more intense and thrilling than Season 1, it will be a while before the fans get to watch the new episodes as Yusuke Murata, creator of the original manga counterpart, is still working on the further story arcs on which Season 2 of the anime series will be based. For now, there is no official air date. However, fans can hope for a release date very soon.