One Punch Man
One Punch

Fans are looking forward to watch the second instalment of One Punch Man and it seems that season 2 would hit the small screen next year.

Though no official release date has been announced yet, several online rumours state that the next season of One Punch Man has been delayed because the story of the anime is going to be entirely different from the manga counterpart.

Recent reports have suggested that season 2 will be more exciting than the previous one as several new villains and characters will make a debut with the second season, and Saitama will be challenged in newer and previously-unseen ways.

However, one of the biggest rumours surfacing over the internet has stated that season 2 of One Punch Man will see Saitama's defeat for the first time. It is reported that two of Saitama's biggest enemies, Garou and Amai Mask, will unite to conspire against him.

There may be someone who won't just survive Saitama's powerful punch, but will also cause him to lose for the first time in his life. It seems that both Amai Mask and Garou will combine their powers in order to tackle Saitama, and their united strength will lead to his defeat.

In the meanwhile, Genos will decide to leave Saitama and will take his separate path. However, there is significant possibility that the two, who were the closest friends once, will face each other as enemies in the upcoming season. Lord Boros was also revealed to be alive in the previous season and he will plan to end Saitama too.

Another highlight of One Punch Man season 2 will be Saitama's love interest, although the identity of the girl has not been revealed yet. The second season of One Punch Man is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017, though there is no official date available.