After building the story-line for a few months, the "One Piece" manga has now completely entered the Big Mam story arc. In the arc, Straw and Hat crew can be seen already facing some unexpected challenges.

As the fans are eagerly waiting for the anime movie based on the series titled "One Piece Film Gold," here are some of the interesting facts that were revealed in the Big Mam arc:

SPOILERS AHEAD: The following article consists of major spoilers from the latest issue of 'One Piece' manga. Proceed at your own risk. 

Big Mam's powers are revealed

Fans have been waiting for long to find out about the true powers of Big Mam. For long, the story had been hinting that her powers had something to do with eating, and in the latest edition, it seems the speculations were true. It was revealed that apart from eating people, Big Mam also possesses powers to eat a person's life force.

However, it is yet unclear that whether her powers enhance her life force or not. If that is the case, then it means that she has been alive for decades now.

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Identity of Sanji's father, Jajji, revealed

Another key fact revealed in the latest issue was, identity of Sanji's father, Jajji. It turned out that Jajji is exactly the opposite of his son and though he is not as good looking as Sanji, he is much wiser than him.

In one of the scenes, Sanji and Jajji battle against each other and it was shown that Sanji was as powerful as his father. There is a significant possibility that Sanji will emerge as even more stronger than his father, who is the leader of the entire Germa 66 and the head of the Vinsmoke family.

Sanji's past and origins explored

Probably the most unexpected revelation from the Big Mam arc, apart from exploring Sanji's past, fans also got to know why Sanji always fights with his feet instead of using hands.

The story also hinted that Sanji might have been bullied as a child by his brothers. Apparently, that is why Sanji had a difficult time trusting and bonding with Zoro, who is his equal in rank among the Straw Hat crew.