One Piece manga chapter 842
One Piece manga chapter 842One Piece official Wiki

The upcoming chapter of popular manga series One Piece will feature the long-awaited conclusion of the fight between the two notorious pirates, Luffy and Cracker.

The chapter will reveal the victor and how he wins the battle. Recent reports state that Cracker will be defeated by Luffy due to Cracker's vulnerable body parts and his inability to do long-range attacks.

In the previous chapter, the Straw Hat pirate put his best efforts to protect Nami from Cracker's attacks. He has been defending against Cracker's moves for more than 11 hours and it seems that the defence mechanism will eventually lead to his win in the battle.

The author of One Piece manga said that though Cracker has no grudge against Nami, he wants to do anything to destroy Luffy's defence and put an end to Pound, who is reportedly with the female version of Luffy.

Another reason why Cracker has more probability to lose the battle is his biscuit soldiers who are significantly weaker that Luffy's G4 that also has the ability to fly apart from attacking and fighting on ground level. Besides it, G4 also has super speed and long-range guided arms that can target Cracker even in the mid-air.

Luffy also has an upper hand over the biscuit soldiers because the soldiers have been created by Nami who has made them with soft elements that are vulnerable to Luffy's strikes and he can easily eat them too.

Reports state that One Piece manga will be on a week hiatus after chapter 842 as the creators need to come out with more quality content.