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The upcoming chapter of One Piece manga will explore the burning questions that were left unanswered in the previous chapter.

In chapter 839, it was revealed that Sanji's family was secretly creating their own army, using advanced scientific technology of cloning. Chapter 840 will further explore the reason behind the army's creation and what Sanji's family intend from it.

Several fans have been speculating that there is a deeper intention behind Sanji and Pudding's marriage. The marriage will unite Vinsmokes and Big Mom. As a result, the two of them can dominate the major power structure.

Luffy and the Strawhats have a suspicion that with Sanji and Pudding's wedding, Bog Mom will use the entire clone army to use it against the rebel forces and dominate the world. Hence, Luffy must do his best to stop the wedding.

Previously, Sanji was shocked when he found out about the humans being cloned on a mass scale. Afterwards, when he found out the identity of the person who was being cloned for the army, he was left dumbstruck.

Recent rumours have stated that it's not just the army that is cloned, but the entire Vinsmokes family, including Sanji. Rumours also state that Sanji and his siblings are clones of their father, Judge Vinsmokes.

However, if that is the case, it will be trouble for Sanji as all his siblings and his father are supporters of evil and they don't care about people suffering, unlike Sanji, who is openly against the evil and doesn't treat others as inferior. Hence, his family might consider Sanji as a cloning mistake and might banish from the family.

Chapter 840 will also showcase the long-awaited battle between Luffy and the Cracker, and fans might finally get to see who wins the final round. Whether Luffy will emerge victor in the battle or not, will be found out once the next chapter is made available.