Luffy with his crew
Luffy with his crewFacebook / One Piece

In the latest chapter of popular manga series "One Piece," all the prominent characters will gather in Whole Cake Island (WCI) as Sanji is about to get hitched. The Straw Hat might manage to sneak into the party and cause a huge commotion, while Capone may prove to be Luffy's friend.

In the previous chapter, everybody went to WCI where Sanji and Pudding's wedding was organised. The Straw Hat crew's captain was busy fighting with one of Big Mom's soldiers in Cracker. However, the soldier was tougher than the captain expected as even after using Gear Fourth, he was unable to defeat him.

Several speculations regarding the upcoming chapter of the manga have surfaced on the internet. One such speculation states that Luffy will eventually find a way to get rid of Cracker when he finds that Cracker's body is vulnerable to immense pain. Luffy will use King Kong Gun to destroy Cracker's biscuit armour. This is the same attack that Luffy used to defeat Doflamingo.

Elsewhere, Nami and Pound were completely under the influence of Big Mom because of the vivre card that Lola had given to the navigator. However, with the flying capability of Gear Fourth, Luffy managed to find them. In Chapter 839, Pound will lead others to WCI so that he can meet his daughter, Chiffon.

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In the mean time, Brook and Pedro arrived at Road Poneglyph, and to their surprise, they found another of Big Mom's commander stationed there, looking after the precious artifact. Several rumours state that this commander is none other than Cashew, who is known as the eater of the Nut-Nut No Mi.

Capone met Big Mom and told her that he finished Pekoms as he had betrayed them. When Tamago heard about it, he was furious and attacked Capone, but was stopped by Bobbin. Capone left the two of them, with an evil smirk on his face.

At the end of the chapter, Chopper and Carrot find the correct mirror that led them to WCI.