The snow artists decided to quit his job and work with nature by creating snow murals. [Representational Image]Reuters

When was the last time you wanted to leave your office and go pursue an art connected with nature? A 59-year-old man decided to quit his job for the passion for his craft and has now been touted as the world's first snow artist.

Simon Beck has discovered an art form which has never been done before as he calls it 'incredible' and the 'holy grail of art'. He told ABC News. "I feel I've won the lottery and I didn't even have to buy any tickets."

The former cartographer-turned-snow artist creates murals on snow by just using his feet and was pretty 'blown away' when he did it for the first time.

After graduating from Oxford University with a civil engineering degree, he was fond of geometry and shapes. He decided to use his passion for drawing into something that has never been done before. He made his first snow mural in 2009.

"It started just as a joke one day really," Beck told ABC News. "After skiing one day, I decided to make a drawing in this area of level snow. I really had no idea how good it would look when I made that first drawing, at the time I had no snowshoes, no digital camera."

When he began creating the art, he worked using only snowshoes and ski poles. However, as his work started getting complex, he started drawing his designs on paper and then executed them on snow after checking the measurements of the area.

Recently, while the entire world was glued on to the Super Bowl championship in US Bank stadium in Minneapolis, Beck was in the adjacent Target Stadium, creating a design that is one of a kind.

Beck has said that his snow art can sometimes take hours and maybe even days to create the masterpiece depending on the snowy conditions and the measurement of the area.

His artwork has become a viral sensation on social media after he shared his first work and is now working across the world becoming a global phenomenon.