An explosion was reported in the area of an oil and gas company in Singapore's Tanjong Kling Road on Monday, and at least one person is reported killed. 

A fire broke had engulfed a laboratory in the Singapore factory and several people suffered from burns and smoke inhalation, Channel News Asia reported. 

The report mentioned that a 'few explosions' were heard in the factory premises in Singapore. 

The news portal also posted a video from the scene, showing thick smoke covering the area. 

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was working to contain the fire and were also conducting search operations to determine the cause of the fire. 

"Prior to SCDF's arrival, there was a fire and a few explosions were heard in the premises. The in-house Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) immediately located the fire, and conducted evacuation and firefighting operations," the Singapore Civil Defence Force said in a press release.