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Kate Middleton's brother's company has been guilty of sending gifts, which were emblazoned with the swastika sign and other anti-semitic symbols. His company, Boomf, has been printing vile slogans and images of which James Middleton is the director.

Despite pointing out the 'hate crime' associated with those signs, the company has managed to sent out confetti-filled gift boxes painted with a swastika, revealed a whistleblower. The whistleblower said, "The pictures on the box were a homemade swastika cake that was coloured. It was a 100 percent Nazi swastika. It was red, white and black."

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Further, it was being revealed that there were also a couple of other boxes that had the images of "the poo emoji". "One of them was a toothless old man in black and white and the other one was a gravestone," the whistleblower said. Apart from the poo emoji, this is certain that the sign was a deliberate move of racism. She also said that when the issue was flagged the boxes were sent, despite taking them of the production line.

"It was almost just like it wasn't worth the hassle of dealing with it. They've paid for it, the order's been done, just send it out," she said.

The whistleblower showed a box featuring a swastika and other offensive images that were ordered without any question asked. It also included the image of a swastika, concentration camp gates, Jewish graves and the neo-Nazi slogan "Blood and Soil."

Out of shock, the whistleblower left the organisation. When Boomf was contacted, a spokesman from Boomf said, "This should not have happened. We are a small company processing over half a million images a week, but we are reviewing our policies and processes to make sure this cannot happen again."

When James Middleton was contacted, he refused to reply.