One in 10 Americans feel that the Missing flight MH370 was abducted by Aliens or beings from different dimensions. (Photo: Reuters)
One in 10 Americans feel that the Missing flight MH370 was abducted by Aliens or beings from different dimensions. (Photo: Reuters)Reuters

Nearly one in 10 Americans say that space aliens or entities from another dimension were involved in the disappearance of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

There are still good numbers of Americans who feel that the Alien Abduction theory that went viral soon after the disappearance of the plane on 8 March, has some truth to it, according to CNN/ORC International poll..

The lack of answers on the bizarre disappearance of the plane led to numerous theories, some of which were as fanciful as we could imagine, coming straight from sci-fi star-wars movies or books.  

Many theorized that the plane could also have been eaten up by a 'black hole' or it could have been lost in an unexplained time-wrap. On a more logical front, people went to the extent of saying that the aircraft could have been hijacked by either someone inside the plane or the pilot could have crashed the plane in a 'suicide mission'.

Some felt that the plane was perhaps converted into a 'ghost flight' after it lost all its cabin pressure and all people onboard fell unconscious. The plane could have travelled up to a distance until the fuel lasted before catastrophically crashing somewhere.

Among the latest theories, one man's assumption is that the plane was shot down by America who perceived the plane to be threat and is now trying to cover it up. As fascinating as all of these theories may sound to be, none of them ever beat the 'Alien Abduction Theory' that went more than just viral in the days following the mysterious disappearance of MH370.

The Malaysian airline flight has now been widely referred to as just 'MH370' due to the enormous amount of global attention it has gathered, which simply vanished into thin air just one hour into its journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the wee hours of 8 March. Two months of massive international search in the Southern Ocean has not been able to find any debris from the aircraft. Many people have claimed to have seen possible plane in the waters, including people from Maldives, an oil rig worker who saw a plane in flames, and an Australian man who saw a possible submerged aircraft in the Indian Ocean near Bali, Indonesia.

Following are more highlights of the CNN/ORC International poll:

1. Nine percent of Americans believe space aliens or beings from another dimension were involved in MH370's bizarre disappearance.

2. 79 percent of Americans think there are no survivors.

3. Nearly 52 percent believe that the general public will ultimately find out what actually happened to MH370, while 46 percent feel the fate of the missing airliner will always remain a mystery.

4. 26 percent of the sample said that it is very likely, and 40 percent feel it was somewhat likely, that the disappearance was due to pilots or crew members.

5. For 57 percent of them, terrorist were likely involved in the case.

6. 51 percent feel the plane's wreckage is indeed in the Indian ocean, while 46 percent feel it is somewhere else.

7. Only 26 percent of Americans feel the Malaysian government has done enough in managing the MH370 tragedy.