It seems that drama in the life of Louis Tomlinson, the One Direction star, never gets over. Latest news reports suggest that Louis' dad has threatened to make a "bombshell" of a revelation if the 23-year-old British singer does not make an effort to reconcile with his father.

In an interview to Sunday People, a source close to Troy Austin, Louis' dad revealed, "Troy has always wanted to repair that relationship – but if Louis isn't prepared to do so, he's told a few friends he has something, which would really throw a grenade into things."

According to a news article on Mirror, Louis' last conversation with his dad took place three years ago over a phone call that was "furious".

The latest effort by Louis' dad comes at a time when the singer is expecting to father a child with his American ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth.

The source further elaborated that Troy would like to be a hands-on granddad and be a part of Louis' kid, an opportunity he didn't get with Louis.

Louis was only five years old when his parents divorced. The singer uses his step dad's surname.

Mirror reported that Troy said this about his son: "I'm sure he will be a great dad if he commits to it fully. I'd hate to think of him ­having the sort of relationship with his child that we have had."