Harry Styles (Photo: WikimediaCommons/EvaRinaldi)
Harry Styles (Photo: WikimediaCommons/EvaRinaldi)WikimediaCommons/EvaRinaldi

One Direction's Harry Styles, who along with his band mates, is in Sweden as part of their ongoing tour, has sparked dating rumors after he was spotted getting cuddly with a mystery blonde.

Styles, along with Niall Horan and Liam Payne, was partying at a nightclub in Sweden, when he was photographed cuddling with and giving a peck on the girl's cheek. The identity of the girl is yet unknown, but it won't be long before she becomes the hate figure for millions of Styles fans.

Every time Styles get romantically linked to someone, jealous One Directioners are known to track down her social networking accounts and send vile messages.

In 2013, Styles' then girlfriend Shaniece Nesbitt was forced to delete her Facebook account, after she started receiving death threats from One Direction fans.

"Shaniece has been getting messages saying she deserves to die," a friend of Nesbitt's was quoted as saying by The Sun, according to Metro.

Similarly, Taylor Swift was also at the receiving end of death threats over her rumored romance with Styles in 2012.

"I'll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry," one fan tweeted, while another posted on the microblogging site: "If u dating my harry, I kill u."

Styles is yet to comment on the latest romance rumors, but it is doubtful if he is ready for a relationship, especially now that he is trying to get rid of his playboy tag. Reports have it that Styles has embraced Kabbalah, and is in the pursuit of a meaningful relationship with the religion so as to put an end to his womanizing ways.

"Harry is really serious about this. He feels he doesn't want to be that guy who is known for bedding celebs any more. But in the past all his good intentions to quit sex have fallen by the wayside. He feels it's getting in the way of him having a proper, meaningful relationship and Kabbalah is giving him the discipline to finally quit sex for a sustained period," a source told the Daily Star newspaper, according to the Northern Star.

The 20-year-old singer, who was last linked to Kendall Jenner, has been practising Kabbalah for a month now, and reportedly, his friends have already noticed a difference in his behavior.

"He used to be the big party boy but now he's totally obsessed with spiritual balance and finding inner peace," the source added. "A lot of his music industry pals in America are into it too, so he's getting loads of advice from them."

Other celebrities who follow Kabbalah include Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton.