Once Upon A Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have teased troubled and confused relationship for Emma Swan and Captain Hook in season 6.

The followers of the fantasy drama did witness a stable relationship between the popular onscreen power couple in season 5. But they can expect Captain Swan to be rocked by several challenges in the upcoming sequel as Kitsis teased that no relationship is a fairytale. According to him, the viewers can expect more drama coming up for the couple in season 6.

Meanwhile, executive producer Horowitz revealed that the new season will pick up right from where they left off in the last season. "We pick up pretty directly from where we left them at the end of last season, where for the first time Emma professed her love without the duress of a life-or-death situation," TV Line quoted him as saying.

However, Captain Swan fans cannot expect a romance between Emma and Hook in the premiere episode as the creator stated that the situation will change for them.

Additionally, creator Kitsis hinted at troubled moments for Regina Mills and said, "Internally, we're going to see a Regina that has a weight that's been lifted off her, a Regina that's excited to move on instead of always having to feel bad about the past. Unfortunately, when you try to leave your past behind you, it rears its head again."

ABC will premiere Once Upon A Time season 6 next Sunday, 25 September, at 8pm. Episode 1 is titled The Saviour. Watch the official trailer below: