Meizu, which had some high ambitions in India in 2016, went off radar, leaving its new fans hung and dry. As years went by, people moved on and brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi took the market by storm. India is a lot different market now than it was when Meizu left and it won't be easy for this Chinese smartphone brand to make the same impact once again without pushing mountains.

Meizu smartphones, up until the point they were still sold in India, were known for their design. The sleek, sophisticated, premium design won the hearts of many. In fact, we reviewed some of their phones back in the day and were truly impressed with what they offered for the price.

Fast-forward to 2020

It feels like an eon since we heard the name Meizu. But the once-rising Chinese smartphone brand in India is still making some noise with its launches. It appeared Meizu didn't spare too much thought in the naming of its phones, and things haven't changed even in 2020. It might not be Meizu's fault for all we know.

Meizu M16th
Meizu M16thTwitter/Meizu

We are so spoilt by Apple and Samsung's chronology that skipping past a few numbers feels out of place. In case you're wondering, we are talking about Meizu's next flagship smartphone, Meizu 17. This has been going on since Meizu 15 and it has reached 17. There are various models, in different price ranges, that Meizu offers and that could be the reason why it conveniently skipped 1-14. But if it's a flagship, we are somehow hardwired to the iPhone nomenclature, aren't we?

A play for flagship smartphone

Meizu is now launching a flagship smartphone in China, for which it has been teasing features to build hype for the launch. The company aims to take on giants like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo and even Huawei in China. Leaving little to imagine, Meizu has revealed the full design of the phone ahead of May 8 launch. 

Meizu 17
Meizu 17Weibo

Everything from a quad-camera setup on the back to an edge-to-edge screen with a single punch-hole camera and an overall premium design, the Meizu 17 is all set to spark a revolution. It is also going to pack a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 4,500mAh battery with 30W fast charging, UFS 3.1 storage, 5G support, and 90Hz refresh rate display. 

Now, with this setup, can Meizu squeeze its way into the top where the competition is really cut-throat. We'll know more soon. Stay tuned.