Bored of heading to the spa, having breakfast with a sunrise view, strolling in private gardens of a hotel or visiting larger than life monuments every time you go on a holiday?

Then think of yourself in an extraordinary place where you can do and experience something different. Be it staying in a house boat or visiting a gigantic volcano or watching the northern lights dance in the sky as you sit with your partner in a glass igloo. And these are all actual places! It’s not a vacation until it is thrilling, out of the ordinary and somewhat strange. Here are a few places that definitely need to be on everyone’s bucket list.

Volcano visit in Krakatoa, Indonesia
Visiting a volcano might not be on top of any traveler’s list but the unbelievable views it can offer will take your breath away. Incredible explosive eruptions can be seen in this place. It offers great adventures for travelers who want to explore the world beyond the roads. It is said that a visit to Indonesia is not complete without a visit to the majestic volcano. If you’re lucky, you will be able to spot monitor lizards and flying fish during the trip.

Houseboat under Eiffel Tower, Paris
Talking of romantic destinations around the world, Paris is the first name that comes to mind. A stay in a houseboat under the magnificent Eiffel Tower will make you believe in all the love struck couples who never stop raving about how romantic Paris is. The beautifully designed houseboats provide for a cozy and romantic setting to be with one’s beloved. Watch the exquisite sunset while sipping on wine with some classic music to make the perfect backdrop for the romantic journey of a lifetime.

Magic Windmill, Lisbon, Portugal
This charming secluded wind mill overlooking the vast sea is the perfect place for a calm and romantic holiday. This remarkable wind mill is set atop a hill with a breathtaking view. Elegantly adorned with a lovely surrounding garden it's the most authentic way to experience life in the Portugal country side. Wake up and take a walk in the beautiful gardens and explore the delight of a simple rustic life.

Northern Lights in a Glass Igloo, Saariselka, Finland
Gazing at stars in the sky is conventional. If you really want to experience something extraordinaire, head to Finland. Stylish glass igloos let you cuddle up with your partner and view the wonderful Northern lights dance in the beautiful night sky. There’s no shying away from the fact that being able to see the Northern lights some day is on everyone’s wish list. You can comfortably sit in thermal igloos (they don’t let the glass get frosted) and enjoy the awe-inspiring view.

Haunted Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night hearing a strange sound in the dark, an uncanny whisper, unexplained goose bumps, or the feeling of being watched by someone? To experience that chill down your spine, gather some courage and head to this haunted castle in Edinburgh. The Scottish fortress is said to have been built over an extinct volcano. There are a number of hidden dungeons in the castle that were once used for torture and imprisonment. The castle is about 800 years old.

Mountain Biking, Bolivia
This ‘Road of Death’ is said to be the world’s most dangerous road! People have lost their lives mountain biking through this road in Bolivia. The route is about 70 kilometers long and it takes six to seven hours if you’re cycling downhill. A tip to all travel enthusiasts, this adrenaline pumping track is worth risking one’s life for no matter however physically taxing.

Grand Canyon, USA
If you have a thing for heights, Grand Canyon is just the place to be. Beautifully carved by the Colorado River in the USA, it is the deepest canyon in the entire world. No matter how much you have read about it, or seen pictures, this natural wonder of the world will take your breath away the second you lay eyes on it. The sheer grandeur, magnificence and the humble show of light and shadow by nature itself is spectacular. The three rims of the Grand Canyon offer very unique experiences. They’re almost never visited in the same trip as they lay hundreds of miles apart.