Rakhi Sawant
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Rakhi Sawant was stripped and badly beaten up by a man recently in front of all the crew members. In the video shared online, she is seen whipped badly with a leather belt. 

 But before you jump on to any conclusion, let us tell you that it is one of the scenes from Rakhi Sawant's upcoming project where she goes topless.

In a short video, helpless Rakhi can be seen standing with her hands tied to the ceiling while a man continues to whip her. Doesn't it look intense?

But the funny part is, instead of crying for help, the actress moans sensually and asks for more whips as the cameraman captures her every move.

Watch the video and let us know what you think of it.

Rakhi is currently on a video sharing spree on Instagram ever since she returned on the photo-sharing site with a new account after she claimed her old account was hacked by her haters.

Rakhi, who has never shied away from speaking her heart out, has recently revealed her favourite condom flavours in her inimitable way.

In an Instagram video, Rakhi can be heard saying in a sensuous way that she loves oudh, paan and chocolate flavoured condoms holding three packets of them in her hand with a floral headgear filter.

Earlier this year in March, Rakhi made headlines for a leaked MMS video in which she is seen changing clothes in a cottage. However, the actress was quite confused whether it was she in the video or her duplicate. She later hinted that the semi-nude girl in the video was in fact she.

Well, the controversial queen has never failed to entertain her fans with her weird and funny antics. Don't you think so? Do let us know in comments.