Om Finder will hep users locate Yoga classes, instructors and studios easily.
Om Finder will hep users locate Yoga classes, instructors and studios easily. Reuters

Lululemon, a yoga apparel company based in Vancouver, has launched a new app for yoga lovers called 'Om Finder' for iPhone and iPod touch users.

The free app helps yoga enthusiasts locate yoga studios in over 63 countries based on their locations.

The 'Om Finder' application recommends yoga studios, teachers and classes. It has over 7000 registered studios and 30,000 instructor profiles.

"It offers lots of different options to try different classes, types of yoga, and experience different teachers,"Nancy Richardson, vice president of digital and brand strategy at Lululemon, told Reuters.

The main aim of the application is to help users locate yoga studios of their choice in their city and also while they are travelling.

The app is also well integrated socially with users being able to add or invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email .

The app launched on Thursday has received tremendous response with over 18,000 downloads till Saturday.

"It secured the top spot in the Health and Fitness category on Apple's App Store in Canada, and the third spot in the category in the U.S."

Though users are able to add classes to their schedule and sync it with their calendar, the app fails to book yoga classes and perform financial transactions.

Presently, Om Finder is available only to iPhone and IPod touch users, leaving out the large chunk of android users.

Other yoga apps available include 'Mindbody Yoga' for iPhone  and the generalized fitness app 'GoRecess'.