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Olympus has launched eight new cameras in India, including its Tough series flagship model TG-2 Tough compact digital camera, which hit the stores in many countries last month.

Other camera models Olympus released in India are XZ-2, XZ-10, SZ-16, SH-50, VG-165, VG-180 and VG-190.

"Much has been said of India being a price sensitive country. Today, we at Olympus, having interacted with Indian consumers can firmly say that they are willing to consider a premium, provided the product is of exceptional quality, both style-and-substance-wise" said Kenichiro Mori, Managing Director, Olympus Imaging India Private Limite.

"We have placed our faith in advanced point-and-shoot this year as we see consumers evolving to ask for a product which is a combination of exceptional photoquality and amazing style. We want to be at the forefront of that race."

Toshiaki Gomi, Director & Board Member, Olympus Imaging Corp, said at the launch event that they entered Indian market to cater to the needs the younger generation.

"India has traditionally had a slower rate of adoption of new technology than some other regions such as Europe, the Americas or Japan. But being a young country demographically, this trend is rapidly reversing. Keeping this in mind, we launched products which are futuristic, yet are firmly anchored in needs of consumers," said Gomi.