Seepi Jha Jutti
Seepi Jha Jutti

Seepi Jha's latest song 'Jutti' featuring Lil Golu which stars Zaara Yesmin and Karan Wahi has recently been released on T-series YouTube Channel and has more than 300k views.

The song begins with a long shot of the house following the delivery boy who knocks on the door of Zaara. She is happy she received a beautiful pair of heels however it doesn't fit her. The song is shot
in what seems to represent a recreated version of Venice focuses on the plot of Zaara asking ladies man, Karan Wahi, how he can purchase her shoe size wrong tied to the question as to why doesn't he confesses his love for her already.

Jutti is a song that ticks all the current music trends in the industry. It has chic locations, groovy dance moves, trendy graphics and a peppy beat along with a rap stanza.In the song, Karan Wahi tries to make Zaara jealous by flirting his way through with other girls.Zaara is trying her best to get Karan to confess his feelings for her. In the end, the video ends with Karan surprising Zaara with a room full of stilettos which he purchased her by secretly earning money for it.

Seepi Jha's lyrics capture the true emotion and mood. She performs it well and adds to the quirkiness of the music video! Her musical collaboration with Lil Golu makes the song even more catchy. It is an upbeat song and the music video adds the charm to it

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