OJ Simpson

Former footballer OJ Simpson has reportedly shared an extremely graphic sex tale involving Kris Jenner, claims his former manager.

As per a recent shocking report, OJ Simpson reportedly bragged about a one-night stand with Kris Jenner while they both were married to their respective partners.

In a new documentary, Who Killed Nicole? Simpson's former manager Norman Pardo allegedly claimed that Simpson once told him that he and his then-wife Nicole Brown were in a jacuzzi along with his best friend Robert Kardashian and his wife Kris Jenner.

The conversation happened between Simpson and Pardo somewhere around 2003 during a limo ride in North Carolina to an Atlanta nightclub.

As per the recent claims, after Nicole and Robert went to their respective rooms, Simpson and Jenner got involved into an intimate night together.

As per the preview of the documentary seen by the NY Post, OJ Simpson's former manager described that the footballer contended about their sexual encounter as messed up as one can possibly get.

Not only this, Pardo stated that Simpson may have caused Jenner some physical pain due to their extensively graphic sexual encounter.

Kris Jenner
Kris JennerReuters

He said, "they had to take her to the hospital at 2 or 3 in the morning," explained Pardo. "She came to (OJ's) room and said, 'Can you take me to the hospital?' He said, 'No. Have Rob do it'."

Pardo also added that the alleged hookup damaged both of their respective relationships. Pardo stated that when Simpson was found non-guilty of 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, Robert Kardashian reportedly did not jump for joy, via Fox News.

Meanwhile, The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has reportedly brushed off these sex claims after she was spotted hanging out with her partner Corey Gamble at the Monaco Grand Prix. It seems the famous reality TV star won't let these rumours or allegations stop her from having a good time.

It should be noted that Kris Jenner has always shut down these rumors of ever having sex with OJ Simpson. As per her 2013 interview, she firmly stood her grounds and stated that she "never had an affair with OJ Simpson."