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A lot has changed in the life of the Litchfield ladies since Piper Chapman first arrived at the women's prison, and just like the previous seasons of "Orange is the New Black", the upcoming one is also going to be high on drama and quirky humour.

Piper's relationship with her lesbian partner Alex Vause is going to enter a complicated stage in season 3.

Alex was arrested for violating her probation at the end of season 2, and a new trailer shows her back behind bars.

It is a good thing that Alex is back in prison, especially considering that she had testified against her former drug boss, who was not convicted. But when Alex gets to know that Piper is the reason why she is back in Litchfield, she won't be pleased

Piper did what she did to save Alex's life, but "Alex sees through her bulls---," actress Laura Prepon told TVGuide about her character's reaction. "When Alex does find out, she's going to know why [Piper] did it and it will be really interesting."

A new trailer for season 3 of "Orange is the New Black" was recently released, and it has once again shown why the show became an instant hit with fans as well as critics. One scene has Piper summarizing prison life, saying: "People think all we do is have lesbian sex and strip searches and naked catfights in the shower. We also do other things."

Meanwhile, actress Dascha Polanco opened about the new season to People, saying the tone of season 3 is very different from the previous two seasons. Fans will get to see more of drama, and backstories of many of the inmates will be revealed in the new season.

Also, most of the characters will be tested to see to what extent you would survive or give up, she noted.

"Orange is the New Black" premieres 12 June on Netflix.