Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun KellyPhoto by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Ciroc

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly have not had a good relationship since 2012 when MGK tweeted about Eminem's daughter Hailie stating she's 'hot as f--k'. Eminem did not take this well and dissed out in his new surprise album called 'Rap Devil'.

The real slim shady threw the first punch is his surprise album called  'Kamikaze' rapping, "And I'm talking to you, but you already know who the f--k you are, Kelly/I don't use sublims and sure as f--k don't sneak-diss/But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie."

Gun responded to Eminem's lyrics with 'Rap Devil' which is a play on Em's 'Rap God'. The track is entirely based on Gun standing up for himself. He took to twitter and said, "im standing up for not just myself, but my generation. im doing the same shit you did back in ur day. life is still real on my side, and i had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone i called an idol. love, Rap Devil."

The rapper dissects Em's life from mom's spaghetti to a tweet from 2012. The venomous track says, "Mad about something I said in 2012. Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss. Your last four albums were as bad as your selfie."

Bizarre D12 took to Twitter and issued a warming to MGK saying he better stop. "Yes, I heard it," he says. "I think it was good. I think this is the best I ever heard Mr. Kelly rap in his life. I think he stayed up all night and wrote the best possible bars he possibly could, and I think it's good for Hip Hop. But boy … but boy, the repercussions … ooof … oof. Boy gonna do you something nasty. You better stop playin' with that boy."

Fans are shocked that MGK had the guts to take a swing at Eminem