Former Apple CEO John Sculley's Obi Worldphone launched the SF1 smartphone in India, targeting mid-range smartphone segment. The SF1 offers a fresh take on design and bridges the price-to-performance ratio with its price tag and specs. When we reviewed the handset for performance and battery, we discovered some interesting settings.

The Obi Worldphone SF1 comes in two variants, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, and 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. The entry-level model costs Rs. 11,999 while the higher-end model is priced at Rs. 13,999. Availability in India is exclusive through Gadgets360 and sales start from 7 December.

Below are six hidden features in the Obi Worldphone SF1 that are worth checking out:

Battery Saver

Who doesn't wish for a lasting battery? Smartphones these days are so heavy on specs such as high-res display and performance that battery often takes a backseat. But the Obi Worldphone SF1 comes with an impressive 3,000mAh battery that can push through 12 hours on mixed usage. But if you are running low on battery, there is a Battery Saver mode to save the day.

To activate Battery Saver on your Obi Worldphone SF1, go to Settings > select All Settings > Battery and then tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner. Select the option for Battery Saver and toggle the "off" switch to "on."

Battery Saver reduces the device's performance and limits vibration and most background running data. As a result, the battery life of your SF1 is extended.


The Obi Worldphone SF1 does not have any physical button on the display but has the usual volume and power/lock buttons on the right. You can assign different actions to the buttons as shown below:

Users can assign the Power Button to end calls. The on-screen capacitive Home Button can be used for several functions like long pressing the home button can be assigned to launch menu (default), or launch apps switcher, search assistant, voice search, camera, turn screen off among other options.

Additionally, you can also activate double tap action to assign the tasks available in long press action. Pressing the Home button can also be used to answer an incoming call.

Finally, the volume buttons on the left side of the device can be activated to wake up the device.

To configure buttons, go to Settings > All Settings > Buttons.

Smart Function

Smart Function is a helpful setting in the Worldphone SF1 to perform sensor-based actions. For instance, you can dial an open contact by simply picking up the device to the face, flip the phone to mute an incoming call, flip the phone to activate speaker on call, move your hand over the P-sensor to change images, move hand over the P-sensor to capture an image or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access notifications.

To activate smart functions, go to Settings > All Settings > Smart Function.

Dolby Audio

The Obi Worldphone SF1 has integrated Dolby Audio to deliver a surround sound experience. You can choose from different modes such as movie, music, game, voice or assign your custom sound configuration.

To activate Dolby, you can directly launch the app from home menu and tap the power button or go to Settings > All Settings > Sound and Notification and select Launch app under Dolby Audio.

Camera (ReFocus, Chroma Flash, Opti Zoom)

The Obi Worldphone SF1 brings three unique camera modes, namely ReFocus, Chrome Flash and Opti Zoom, to enhance your photography skills. ReFocus, as the name suggests, lets you adjust focus on the subject after capturing an image. Chrome Flash automatically adjusts the flash to give your true colours of the subject in the dark. Finally, Opti Zoom lets your zoom on a subject without breaking any pixels, which would usually occur in normal mode.

In order to access these camera modes, launch Camera app, tap on the top left corner for camera modes, select IQ Camera and choose your preferred mode.

Voice Dialer

The Obi Worldphone SF1 has a dedicated app called Voice Dialer in your main menu. Simply launch the app and place a call to any contact or a number by just speaking into the microphone. You can also choose actions like Redial or open calendar using voice dialer.