President Barack Obama (a file photo)
President Barack Obama (a file photo)Reuters

US President Barack Obama has discussed cutting red tape for more transportation infrastructure projects, in this week's address from the White House. Obama also stated that his administration will make efforts to expand opportunity for more Americans.

The US President will meet business leaders in the coming days to highlight the importance of bringing jobs back to America. Obama will also discuss the economic benefits of making it easier for tourists to visit and spend money at attractions in the US, which in turn helps local businesses and grows the economy for everyone.

"At a time when our businesses have created 9.2 million new jobs in just over four years, and more companies are considering bringing jobs back from overseas, we have a choice to make. We can make it easier for businesses to invest in America - or we can make it harder," the President said.

Obama has labeled 2014 as the year of action, and stressed he will continue to do whatever he can to strengthen the US economy, create jobs and restore opportunity for all.

Responding to reports that long waiting times at Veterans' hospitals are causing preventable deaths, Obama has asked the Veterans Affairs Secretary in his administration to fix the problems.

According to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has been urged by Obama to fix problems in the Veterans hospital system. Last week, Shinseki testified before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, which looked into reports that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for care at a Phoenix VA hospital.

According to Shinseki, the US President was "madder than hell" about reports that 40 veterans have died because of the long waiting time at veterans hospitals.