The New York Times is producing Virtual Reality (VR) films and is gearing up to send its subscribers free Google cardboard sets on the weekend of 7-8 November. 

The New York Times seeks innovative ways to create and deliver digital journalism and the company aims to achieve this through a three-dimension (3D) phase.

Keeping in tune with this, the company announced its partnership with Google on Tuesday morning and through this venture, subscribers of The New York Times can watch video reality films made by the brand. The company will send millions of their readers free virtual reality headsets according to Fortune Magazine and the content can be viewed using the NYT virtual reality app.

Despite the cardboard being a Google creation, the app will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. This app will be introduced in the market on 5 November, digitaltrends reported.

The NYT is ready for the launch of the new app with three films lined up.

The first film "Displaced" follows the journey of three refugee children from Ukraine, Sudan and Syria. The other story, which is slated to be released in December, is a behind-the-scenes look where the viewers will be shown the process of creating the cover of The New York Times. 

More films are lined up to be released in 2016.

The Google Cardboard device is a VR platform developed by Google, and it first made an appearance at Google's I/O conference in Paris in 2014. The new technology will allow viewers a "360-degree-view of the unfolding event."

It has also been reported that as part of the project, General Electric and MINI -- the company's sponsors -- will be offering viewers their own virtual reality films.