If Taylor Swift's life seems successful at the moment, her fans might just jeopardise it.

It was not long ago that the "Bad Blood" singer's fan interrupted her performance by latching on to her leg. A few weeks later, the door to her Tribeca apartment was pasted with post-it notes.

It seems Taylor's loyal fandom encompasses the world and they get personal to prove their love for their music idol.

Recently, a bar owner in New York City was confronted by a bunch of Taylor Swift fans. Reason? The bar owner reportedly played only two of her songs.

The incident took place at Ballaro, a wine bar in New York City's east village. According to the owner, Denyse Santoro, the wine bar hosted a group of 15 people who demanded a playlist that contained only Taylor Swift's music.

By Santoro's own account, things went awry when she played only two of Taylor's songs, enough to provoke the group.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: "They started screaming that the songs I played weren't the right one and I was told that, 'this place is shit, the music and the people here suck.'I was then told to, 'go back to your country with that fucking immigrant face.'" 

As the tussle between Taylor's fans and the owner ensued, one woman allegedly took out her phone and threatened to make a video. 

Santoro's apprehension about her restaurant's reputation led her to make a plea on Facebook.

She wrote: "I'm a dreamer, and as a dreamer I would love to change the world, starting even in the smallest ways. So please, let's make LOVE VIRAL and not hate!"

The owner stated that the drunken party did leave her wine bar, but without paying their $500 bill.