Nude Selfie video goes viral
Nude Selfie video goes viralPDT - Purani Dili Talkies/Facebook

With the advancement of technology, we often come across stories of celebrities falling prey to nude MMS scandals. But not just celebrities, nude photos and videos of many other girls and women are also being shared on social media platforms every minute.

The leaked images may be the private photos you took for someone you have a long-distance relationship with. But before sending it across, one must think of many simple factors that might ruin your life. What if you send your private pictures to a wrong number or your friend accesses your password protected mobile and forwards it to someone else, causing it to spread like wildfire? 

Purani Dili Talkies has released a comedy video named "Nude Selfie" to help the public realise the hidden dangers of private photos getting into the wrong hands. The video begins with a girl clicking a nude selfie for her boyfriend, but accidentally sending it to her father. The father's reaction on seeing his daughter's nude picture is narrated in the funny video that gives a strong message to women in a convincing way.

The fun video, starring Ruchika Sharma and Yash Saini, is directed by Rohit R Gaba and Nijo Jonson. The 3:30-minute video has gone viral on social media with more than three lakh users viewing in on YouTube and Facebook.

Watch the viral video here: