Aamir Khan poses nude for 'P.K.' poster
Aamir Khan poses nude for "PK" poster.Aamir Khan/ Twitter

Aamir Khan is known as the perfectionist in B-Town and has been in the film industry since long. Recently, Khan is the talk of the town because of his upcoming movie "PK" directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

He is the person who avoids controversies but anyhow they come to the actor by themselves. The actor never attends any film-award functions until and unless it is the 'Oscars'.

Here is the list of controversies in the "PK" actor's life which are unforgettable.

Nude "PK" Poster

Aamir Khan recently triggered the audience with his nude poster of his upcoming movie "PK." In the poster, the actor is standing naked on a railway track covering his front with a stereo. The poster has been criticised by people for being vulgar. Meanwhile, Vile Parle Congress legislator, Krishna Hegde termed it as 'distasteful and against Indian culture' and dressed up the poster.

"PK" is directed by Rajkumar Hirani, which will hit the theatres in December.

Called his pet dog Shah Rukh

Aamir Khan welcomed controversy to his doorstep when he said his dog's name is 'Shah Rukh'. In his blog, he wrote, "Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for? Now, before you jump to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh is the name of our dog."

Later on, Shah Rukh Khan said these comments do not bother him. After this it is said both the Khans were not in good talking terms.

"Fanaa" got banned in Gujarat

"Fanaa" was banned in GujaratFacebook/Fanaa

The then ruling party in Gujarat – BJP banned Aamir Khan's film "Fanaa", which was about to get released in theatres along with other products, which were endorsed by the actor. The criticism appeared because Khan stood for the poor people who were to be displaced because of the construction of Sardar Sarovar dam on Narmada River.

The controversy heated up more when the actor invited the television media at the Delhi's famous Jantar Mantar and promised to support for the proper rehabilitation of those thousands of people.

Called Amitabh Bachchan's acting in "Black" 'over the top'

Aamir Khan's tiff with Amitabh Bachchan was a war of words. Khan stated Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Black" as 'insensitive and manipulative' in a media interview. He also said that the performance of Bachchan was 'over the top'. The criticism was not accepted by Big B and he replied in an interview that may be the performance did go 'over the top' of his head.

The verbal fight didn't end there, the "Ghajini" actor commented that there was no sympathy shown for the handicap person, and rather she was ill treated. Bachchan also back-answered by saying that the film "Lagaan" also casted a handicap character playing the match.

Love affair with a British journalist

Aamir Khan's life's biggest scandal was when a magazine revealed the actor's alleged relationship with a British journalist, Jessica Hines. It went uglier when it was found out that they have a child named Jaan. It is said the duo met each other on the sets of "Ghulam" and was in a live in relationship. Hines got pregnant, but Khan refused to accept the baby and their relationship ended.

Divorce filed by him and his first wife

The 15 years of Aamir Khan and his wife Reena Datta's marriage resulted in mutual divorce in 2002. The duo got split because of 'temperamental differences' and Datta got their children's custody.

Currently Khan is married to Kiran Rao and is stable in his life.

Accused by his younger brother

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan (3rd R) and brother Faisal Khan (L) carry the body of their father Tahir Hussain during his funeral in Mumbai February 3, 2010.
Bollywood actor Aamir Khan (3rd R) and brother Faisal Khan (L) carry the body of their father Tahir Hussain during his funeral in Mumbai February 3, 2010.Reuters

Faisal Khan, brother of Aamir, accused his sibling for keeping him captivated in his house, terming him as mentally ill person and forcibly giving medicines to him. The matter got worse when the whole matter got public and was dragged to handle legally. The court declared the custody of Faisal to their father and after that the case became silent.