Colombian Women Cyclists' Uniform Creates Stir on Social Media
Colombian Women Cyclists' Uniform Creates Stir on Social MediaScreenshot/Youtube

The Colombian Women cycling team took the stage in their new gear this week creating an uproar they hadn't seen coming. It was the team outfit that caught everyone's eye for the ill-conceived outfit almost had them exposed at the groin.

The picture of the six cyclists posing on the stage went viral on social media. The Daily Mail reports that the team was wearing the uniform as they were taking part in a cycling competition in Italy.

A thin skin-coloured cloth formed the bottom half of the outfit, which was designed by one of the team's riders, according to Huffington Post. The uniform had been worn in previous competitions also but it's only now that the images landed up on social media and became a topic of debate.

"One of the riders appears to have designed it without the intent on making it look as though they were partially nude," Colombian cycling journalist Klaus Bellon told BBC.

This is how the social media reacted to the image:

Watch the video below to know how people reacted after looking at the image.