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The film-goers are wowed by Nandamuri Balakrishna's acting and Krish's script and direction in NTR biopic and lengthy and slow narration are the complaints they have against this movie.

NTR Kathanayakudu is one of the most hyped Telugu movies. The super-hit combo of Gautamiputra Satakarni and the biographical story of late legendary actor and politician NT Rama Rao have generated a huge amount of curiosity and expectations about the film, which hit the screens around the world today. It has garnered positive responses from almost every viewer.

Thousands of filmgoers, who are thrilled with the experience of watching NTR Kathanayakudu, took to Twitter to share their excitement on the movie. They gushed that it is a well-made biopic of the finest actor-turned-politician with the perfect blend of cinematic elevations. They could not stop going gaga over Krish, Balakrishna, Vidya Balan, MM Keervani and VS Gnana Shekar for their amazing work in the film.

But some of the viewers say that the first half is slow, dragging and lengthy and this might backlash. However, the story gains moment before the interval and second half is brilliant and sure to give you goosebumps. Here are some Twitter comments, which shows viewers complaining of its lethargic narration.

Jeevan Ramanuja‏ @TimesOfEmery

#NTRKathanayakudu is a decent watch. @DirKrish gave a slow paced narration which might backlash. Balakrishna did give a convincing performance. The party announcement scene is the highlight personally for me. PS: Chandrababu Naidu and Rajasekhar Reddy characters got a huge roar.

Swathi‏ @swathi_p_reddy

#NTRKathanayakudu #NTRBiopic #Kathanayakudu is very slow phased. #NBK as young #ntr looked so funny. Acceptable direction and cinematography. BGM by #Keeravani was good. No match to the trailer and #Mahanati movie. I'd rate 2.25 / 5.

Dreamer‏ @sunny_pspk

#NTRKathanayakudu decent first half.. first 45 mins slow and bhajana.. from Krishnudi get up bagundi mvi.. baal sir subtle performance istunnaru first time

YATHI‏ @ursyathi

Just ok 1st half #NTRKathaNayaKudu Few scenes worked well & Keeravani BGM , slow pace & over board dialogues

DrHarishGoutham‏ @Harish_goutham

Decent first half with emotional scenes and detailed rise of NTR. Felt slow at times but overall liked the first half. Dialogus are plus point #NTRkathanayakudu

 ‏ @KodelaDeepak

Except being slow here and there, #NTRKathanayakudu is pretty decent and is an easy one Time watch. Most people don't know about NTR's rise to stardom and it was captured very well. NBK is terrific. @Dirkrish delivered yet another good film.

Sridhar Sri NTR‏ @Sridhar9999ntr

#NTRKathanayakudu 1st half little slow n lengthy but no bore scenes 2nd half was nice overall gud to watch #Balayya getups n performance very nice my rating 3.5/5

Maharshi‏ @mahesh_ranbir

mixed first half . some scenes are good. but too lengthy and slow #NTRKathanayakudu

Telugu Cinema Fan‏ @cinemababa

Lot of scenes/get-ups by Balayya enacting NTR movies will test our patience. Can be trimmed atleast by 20 mins. Slow narration, good production values and art work. #NTRKathanayakudu


Good first half Full of family scenes & Ntr struggles in early stages of his carrer 2nd half little bit dragging & slow screenplay Climax 20-25 min  at top notch ( political entry ki ready ayye scenes ) Overall Abv avg range . 2nd half connection imp #NTRKathanayakudu

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#NTRKathanayakudu First Half Report - Just ok so far with few good moments Positives : NBK's performance as Krishnudu and Ravanasurudu, excellent Dialogues and very good BGM by Keeravani Negatives : Lacks soul, Slow pace Hopefully second half would be much better..

Weekend Review‏ @cinema_radar

#NTRKathanayakudu Movie Review - Passable Biopic of Legendary Actor #BalaKrishna has Performed well , Few Elevation scenes , fantastic Dialogues , Good Bgm  Slow Paced , Runtime , No Emotional connect , Boring in parts #NTRBiopic falls Short of A Classic ! - 3/5