Suresh Gopi
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Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi was allegedly asked to leave the venue of Nair Service Society's (NSS) 101th annual budget meeting by G Sukumaran Nair on Saturday, 27 June. 

The incident took place on Saturday morning in Perunna, Changanassery, after the actor offered floral tributes at the tomb of NSS founder Mannathu Padmanabhan on his birthday. 

The actor decided to meet Sukumaran Nair without any prior notice after someone informed him that he can pay a visit to the General Secretary of Nair Service Society, as they were taking a break during their annual meeting.

Certain Malayalam news channels also claim that the actor was insulted by the General Secretary, who said "such pride and show will not work out with the NSS". The members of the NSS reportedly welcomed the comment with applauses. 

However, speaking on the matter, the "Rudra Simhasanam" actor -- himself a member of the Nair society -- said that he was 'heart-broken' after Sukumaran angrily asked him to leave. The actor also admitted his mistake and added that in future he will visit the NSS Chief only after prior notice.

Meanwhile, SNDP Yogam general secretary Vellapally Natesan has come forward to support Suresh by saying that the actor is a good man and should have been blocked by the securities if he wasn't supposed to enter the hall.